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A mortgage that is ideal for a business trying to acquire new property may not be suitable for a company looking to own its facilities outright for the first time. So how do you choose what is best for your needs? Stellar® Alliances can help you make sense of the vast array of mortgage products out there, cutting to the heart of what is best for you and your unique situation.

Commercial Real Estate:

Ready to move from renting to owning your facilities outright? Want to expand your portfolio or diversify your holdings? Whatever your commercial real estate goals, Stellar® Alliances has a dedicated team with the financing expertise to make sure you can achieve them.

• Multi-Unit Financing

Multi-unit residential properties, apartment buildings, condominiums… whether you want to make a new acquisition or refinance an existing property, we can find the best package for your multi-unit financing needs.

• Construction Financing

A construction project is one of the most complex and significant undertakings a property-holder can embark upon. Let Stellar ® Alliances help secure the financing you need so that you can focus on realising the construction project that you’ve envisioned.

• Land Financing

If you want to maximise your land’s resale value, or begin the construction phase of a development project, your parcel of land must be serviced by roads, utilities, etc. We can help with this aspect of real estate financing as well, making sure you can develop the infrastructure and services that you require in order to move forward.

• Retirement and Long-Term Care Financing

The ongoing rise in demand for retirement and long-term care facilities to serve our aging population provides a wealth of opportunity for investors. Whether you represent a healthcare chain or you’re an industry outsider looking to diversify your holdings, our team of experts can help you secure financing for the construction, purchase, or refinancing of retirement/long-term care facilities.

• Commercial Mortgages: Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Multi-unit residential properties.

Looking for financing to acquire new property? Do you want to expand your facilities? Thinking of consolidating your debts? Commercial mortgages can offer you the flexibility and favourable terms you desire while allowing you to raise the capital you need.

Residential Real Estate:

Our real estate know-how doesn’t stop at the commercial market. Stellar® Alliances gives you access to the widest range of residential mortgage products, and we have the expertise to help you make the best choices. We work, you win!

• Residential Mortgages

Stellar® Alliances can help you find the residential mortgage that suits your desires, plans and income. Whatever your needs, we’ll find the mortgage that works for you.

• First-Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Our experts will help break it down so that you can make informed decisions in your best interest. Let us take the confusion and guesswork out of the picture.

• Mortgage Renewals and Transfers

Many homeowners sign mortgage renewal notices from their banks without exploring their options for transfer or renegotiation. Yet in a competitive mortgage market, exploring these options can cut your interest rate by a significant amount! Put the power and know-how of Stellar® Alliances to work for you, and we will find the best rate possible.

• Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

Feeling the burden of high interest rates for your credit card, car loans, or other debts? Stellar® Alliances can help find ways to use the equity you already have in your home to help consolidate your debts into a package with significantly lower interest payments.

• Mortgages for the Self-employed

Being self-employed comes with its own set of difficulties when it comes to securing a favourable mortgage. Stellar® Alliances offers a variety of mortgage packages that can accommodate your special circumstances, including mortgages that weigh your credit history as well as other factors over a strict bottom-line income assessment.

• Variable Rate Mortgage

If your personal finances are in a healthy state and you are willing to pay a changing monthly rate when the prime rate moves, a Variable Rate Mortgage with rates below prime may be the right choice for you. Our experts can help determine whether this is your best option.

• Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Already have some equity in your home? You may be eligible for a Home Equity Line of Credit. This line of credit can be used for any purpose – renovations, debt consolidation, or even toward an investment. We’ll help determine your eligibility, and whether this is the right financing package for your needs.

• CMHC Rental Program

Ready to invest in a rental property? There are a variety of mortgage instruments geared towards non-owner occupied residential properties. Let Stellar® Alliances help choose the one best suited to you.

Knowledge is power – and when you put the power of Stellar® Alliances behind you, you have our intimate, up-to-date knowledge of the business and economic climate at your disposal.

• Lines of Credit

Regardless of whether your business is expanding aggressively or just cautiously staying the course, chances are there will be periods where liquidity issues will arise. Don’t let employees, suppliers, and your reputation suffer simply because the timing of your cash inflow is not synchronized with your expenses. Let Stellar® Alliances help secure a line of credit so that your operations can continue without a hitch.

• Term Loans

Short-term commercial loans are used to replenish working capital or as a way of restructuring your debt. The experts at Stellar® Alliances can ensure that the short term financing you choose best fits your needs and circumstances.

• Government Grants

Research & Development, staffing, marketing, export strategy development... every year, federal and provincial governments make millions of dollars in grants and loans available to private enterprise. Stellar® Alliances will help find out what programmes you qualify for, and how to maximise your chances of making the shortlist. With our expert assistance in preparing your grant/loan proposals, you’ll have a solid advantage over competing applications.

• Equipment Financing

Replacing obsolete equipment or purchasing extra equipment to meet growing demand can be enough of a headache without worrying about the financing end of things. Let Stellar® Alliances take care of the financing while you take care of business. We’ll make sure you secure sufficient financing at the best possible terms.

• Start-up Businesses

One of the unpleasant ironies of business life is that financing is sometimes hardest to secure when it is most critical – when a business is just getting started. Put the financial know-how of Stellar® Alliances to work for you. We’ll secure financing under reasonable terms, so you can concentrate on getting your business running smoothly.

• Established Businesses

Do you have an abundance of assets but little capital? Maybe you have some ideas for growth. The experts at Stellar® Alliances can help you develop your ideas and secure the financing you need to make them happen.

• Franchise Financing

Franchising is an increasingly popular way of expanding a business. If you have a proven business that can benefit from the rapid expansion that franchising offers, Stellar® Alliances can help you negotiate the financing to make it work. (Stellar® Alliances is a Member of Canada’s Franchise Association)

• Expansion Financing

Are you looking to take advantage of fresh opportunities, explore different markets, develop new products, or expand your existing capacity? The experts at Stellar® Alliances can help you secure the financing you need.

• Acquisition Financing

Merging with or acquiring another business can be one of the fastest and most efficient ways of increasing the size of a company’s operations. But it takes more than just a plan – it takes financing. Let Stellar® Alliances help you secure the means to make it happen.

Wondering where to take your existing business from here? Or are you simply looking for ways to improve your efficiency and the bottom line? Stellar® Alliances boasts a dynamic and motivated team of financial experts, grant specialists, business analysts, public relations specialists, banking professionals, and more. Whatever the scope of your enterprise, we can help you understand, articulate, and ultimately realise your goals.

• Business Plan Preparation

Whether you are a start-up or an established company hoping to expand, a persuasive and detailed business plan can be the key to securing the financing you require. In fact, a strong business plan may be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. After all, the business plan speaks on your business’ behalf. Stellar® Alliances’ business plan professionals assist entrepreneurs and business owners by helping them prepare solid, winning plans and by providing the expert consulting they need in order to succeed.

• Commercial Account Negotiation

Not getting the most out of your current bank? Would you like more favourable rates, terms, and conditions? Stellar® Alliances will do the legwork on your behalf. We’ll deliver the best commercial banking deal to you on a silver platter!

• Proposal and Grant Writing

Research & Development, staffing, marketing, export strategy development... every year, federal and provincial governments make millions of dollars in grants and loans available to private enterprise. Stellar® Alliances can help find out what programmes you qualify for, and how to maximise your chances of making the shortlist. With our expert assistance in preparing your grant/loan proposals, you’ll have a solid advantage over competing applications.

Are you driven by an idea for a product or business, but need some help getting the financing to make it a reality? Let Stellar® Alliances channel your passion and ideas through our financial know-how to find the most effective way to get you started!

• Seed Stage

The earliest stages of financing, where an entrepreneur develops a business concept or product prototype, can be the most crucial but also the most difficult to secure. We thrive on the challenges presented by this type of financing !

• Start-up Stage

Ready to move your great idea further towards implementation? Need to go from prototype to production? Stellar® Alliances can help you secure financing to help you make your business a reality.

• Second Stage

Too many good ideas fail because they do not get enough of a chance to find their feet in a crowded marketplace. Don’t let this happen to you! Stellar® Alliances can secure the financing that will help you continue forward as you gain market share.

• Third Stage

Don’t let poor financing decisions cripple your ability to become a consistent and viable player. The experts at Stellar® Alliances can help make sure you have the means to work towards sustainable profitability as you increase market share and improve efficiencies.

• Public Stage

Stellar® Alliances can help ensure your financing is reasonable and adequate right up to the point of taking a company public.